FAQ: Do GP Receptionists Need DBS Checks?

We get a lot of applications for receptionists at GPs, dentists, pharmacies, and other healthcare-related institutions, and often there’s a degree of confusion as to what level exactly is required.

So, do GP receptionists need DBS checks? In this FAQ post, we’ll go over the regulations and eligibility requirements in place, and hopefully clear a few things up.

FAQ: Do GP Receptionists Need DBS Checks?

Do GP Receptionists Need DBS Checks? – What Does The CQC Say?

The Care Quality Commission is the regulatory body that sets the rules for organisations that provide health & personal care. On their website, they say that: “There is no general requirement for non-clinical staff (for example reception or administrative staff) to have a DBS check.” – however that doesn’t mean reception staff are ineligible for higher-level checks, or that receptionists never need a DBS check.

Standard DBS Checks

The majority of clinical receptionist checks we process are Standard DBS checks. Positions that are eligible for Standard checks aren’t required by law to have them, but many organisations get their staff Standard checks as part of their safeguarding procedure.

Enhanced DBS Checks

However, the CQC advises that you should consider each role individually. For example, could the receptionist be in a position where they are supervising an unattended child while the parent is in an appointment? This would require an Enhanced DBS check, with or without a Barred List check, depending on the frequency of this occurring.

Or will the receptionist have other roles at your workplace that involve providing healthcare or personal care? Often, for example, receptionists at Care Homes have secondary or emergency duties that would require them to have an Enhanced DBS check with an Adults Barred List check.

Do GP Receptionists Need DBS Checks? – Getting The Right Level Of Check

It’s important to get the right level of check for your receptionist. The government’s eligibility checker tool is handy, and will give you a good idea of the kind of check you need.

The DBS’s official guidance PDFs are also great resources, although these aren’t the most user-friendly, readable documents ever written… If you can wrap your head round them, you’ll be a DBS eligibility master, however.

Due to the range of conditions that apply to the role, we can’t provide a one-size-fits-all answer here, so we hope you find the eligibility material we’ve linked useful!

FAQ: Do GP Receptionists Need DBS Checks?

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