How Long Does A Basic DBS Check Take?

Basic DBS checks are often used by employers as an extra step in the recruitment process, to help ensure they are making an informed decision. Whilst Basic DBS checks are not a legal requirement, they do provide Employers with peace-of-mind as they show an applicants spent convictions.

How Long Does A Basic DBS Check Take?

Basic DBS checks are usually completed within 2 days at Aaron’s Department. On many occasions, we’ve seen them fully processed in less than an hour!

Of course, there are some that will take a long, but this is a rare occurrence. The DBS advise that they will process most DBS checks within 14 days.

How long Does A Basic DBS Check Take?

Why Are Basic DBS Checks Completed Quicker At Aaron’s Department?

At Aaron’s Department, we are able to provide employers with fast Basic DBS turnarounds for several reasons, including (but not limited to):

  • We send every application we receive before 4pm to the DBS on the same day.
  • Our applications have automatic error checking.
  • A simplified form, so it’s easier to complete.
  • Experienced Countersignatories checking the applications.
  • A direct connection to the Government DBS Portal.

Of course, there are more, but you don’t want to be here all day!

Conclusion – How Long Does A Basic DBS Check Take?

Like our Basic DBS checks, this is just a quick one!

The majority of Basic DBS checks at Aaron’s Department are completed within 2 days. Whilst there will always be some that take a little longer, it is a much rarer case.

If you are looking to get fast Basic DBS checks for your employees, your can register below!

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