DBS Checks For Healthcare Assistants

In the healthcare industry, the safety and well-being of patients is a high priority, which is why all healthcare assistants must undergo a DBS check.

DBS Checks For Healthcare Assistants – What DBS Is Required?

Healthcare Assistants require an Enhanced DBS check, with the relevant barred list, depending on which vulnerable group(s) they are providing care to.

Why Do Healthcare Assistants Need An Enhanced DBS Check?

Any role that includes regulated activity, such as caring for people who are unable to themselves, because of old age, illness or disability, requires an Enhanced DBS check.

An Enhanced DBS check with barred list will also let the employer know whether the individual is legally allowed to work with the relevant vulnerable group(s).

DBS Checks For Healthcare Assistants

DBS Checks For Healthcare Assistants – A Legal Requirement

It is a legal requirement for healthcare employers to ensure that their healthcare assistants, undergo an Enhanced DBS check.

This obligation is in place to guarantee the safety and security of patients, residents, and service users.

Failure to comply with this can have serious consequences for both the employer and the individuals involved.

Can A Healthcare Assistant Start Work Before Their DBS Check Is Back?

It is not possible for a Healthcare assistant to begin work without a DBS Check, but employers can apply for an Adult First Check for Healthcare assistants.

The DBS Adult First check is an optional, paid addition to an Enhanced DBS check. The Adult First check allows employees who will be engaging in regulated activities with vulnerable adults to start work (under supervision) before their enhanced DBS certificate is completed and returned.

For more information on Adult First Checks, you can read our helpful article here: Adult First Checks – What You Should Know

DBS checks for healthcare assistants

DBS Checks For Healthcare Assistants Available At Aaron’s Department

Getting DBS Checks for your Healthcare Assistants doesn’t have to be difficult, and with Aaron’s Department, it certainly isn’t. We’re here to make applying for DBS checks as simple as can be.

Employers can apply for Enhanced DBS checks for Healthcare Assistants in three easy steps:

1. Start It: You or your applicant fills in the easy to complete, online DBS application form which takes a matter of minutes.

2. Check It: Your evidence checker then makes sure the documents are correct and forwards the form to us in the system.

3. Complete It: We then double-check everything before sending it off to the Disclosure and Barring Service.

Healthcare Assistant DBS Check Cost

DBS checks are broken down into two costs – the one charged by the government, and the DBS Umbrella admin fee:

  • Government Fee: £38 (no VAT)
  • Admin Fee: £10.95 (+VAT). This can be reduced even lower by taking advantage of our free admin credit discount.
  • Total Cost Per Check: £48.95 (+ Admin Fee VAT)

Conclusion – DBS Checks For Healthcare Assistants

Healthcare Assistants legally need an Enhanced DBS check, with barred list, to work with vulnerable groups.

Employers can process Enhanced DBS checks for healthcare workers through Aaron’s Department.

Our easy-to-use, online DBS checking service allows you to get your staff to work faster than ever before.

You can read more about our services on the Online DBS Checks page, or to get started right away, use the sign-up button below.

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