CQC DBS Checks – a Guide by Aaron’s Department

Should you get a CQC DBS check? This guide will go over what a CQC DBS check is, where to get it and why.

What is the CQC?

The Care Quality Commission is the independent regulator of health & adult social care in England. They work to regulate care providers and maintain standards by taking action against unacceptable cases.

They also provide DBS checks for individuals working in the health & social care sector in England. That’s our business, so we’ve prepared a guide to CQC DBS checks for people considering whether they need one.

CQC DBS Checks

Why Does The CQC Require DBS Checks?

Working in health & social care will almost always require a DBS check – this is a type of background check used in England and Wales which lets employers know the criminal records of their employees or potential hires. Sometimes, if a person has committed particular offences, they will be banned, or “barred” from working with Children, Vulnerable Adults, or both groups.

It’s incredibly important for employers working in the health & social care sector to ensure that they don’t hire anybody barred from working with Children or Vulnerable Adults. It is illegal, and dangerous for vulnerable groups.

Why Does The CQC Provide DBS Checks?

Sometimes it can be difficult to get the right kind of DBS check for a job. This is because only employers can request Standard or Enhanced checks for their staff – individuals cannot apply for themselves. The CQC offers CQC DBS checks in case this happens

The function CQC provides is similar to Ofsted in this regard. Ofsted is the regulatory body governing education and childcare. They provide Enhanced DBS checks for self-employed workers, such as nannies, who require an Enhanced DBS check to work with children, but are often self-employed and therefore cannot request one themselves.

The type of check that the CQC offers is called a CQC-CE-DBS Check, and it is used for individuals that are not registered healthcare professionals.

This CQC DBS check involves a selection of extra checks which the CQC uses to confirm the applicant’s identity. This can only be applied for using the CQC’s website.

CQC DBS Checks - a guide by Aaron's Department

So do I Need a Special CQC DBS Check?

If you need the DBS check for a role within an Organisation that’s registered at Companies House or on the Charity Register, then they will be able to request a DBS check for you via an Umbrella Body. These are intermediary companies that facilitate DBS checks for employers.

There’s getting to be quite a lot of different groups and bodies involved now, so we’ll simplify things below:

  1. If an employee or agency worker needs a DBS Check,
  2. They should ask their employer about getting one,
  3. The employer will provide one, if it is necessary, with the assistance of a DBS Umbrella Body,
  4. The Umbrella Body will check and countersign the application, before sending it to the DBS for completion,
  5. The employee receives their DBS certificate in the post.

If you don’t have an agency or employer to request an Enhanced check through, you will have to get a special CQC DBS check using their website, which we’ve linked here.

CQC DBS Checks

A Bit About Us:

If you’ve finished our article on CQC DBS checks and are thinking you need to find an Umbrella Body to get your DBS checks with, then that’s what we do! We’ll quickly go over some of the benefits of getting your DBS checks with Aaron’s Department:

  • Our 3-step, registration process is fast and free – you could have your DBS results within hours of signing up.
  • Low-cost DBS check admin fees, starting from £3.11.
  • Built-in tracking system for easy monitoring of applications’ progress.
  • Our error-proof system identifies mistakes in real-time, giving users the chance to fix them – incorrect details can lead to the DBS rejecting applications, so we’ve designed a system to avoid that happening!
  • Knowledgeable & experienced customer support, along with expert eligibility guidance.
  • Free DBS fast-track: every check we receive before 4pm on a weekday is checked, countersigned, and sent on to the DBS the very same day. The faster we do that, the faster you get your check back.

Like we say, if you’re interested, or just need some DBS guidance, simply give us a call on 0113 877 0171, or drop us an email at contact@aaronsdepartment.com, and we’ll do our best to help you with any questions you may have.

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