DBS Certificate Printed in Progress – What Does It Mean?

What Does It Mean When The Check Says DBS Certificate Printed In Progress?

A DBS Check assists in assessing an individual’s criminal record history and any potential risks they may pose to the individuals they work with, but what does it mean when it gets to the part, DBS Certificate Printed In Progress?

Quite simply, when the check gets to the stage of “DBS certificate printed in progress” this means that the application has been received, verified, and is currently at the stage where the certificate is being printed. This will then be sent directly to the applicant. 

The 5 Stages Of A DBS Check

Stage 1: Application Validation
The DBS verifies the application, ensuring its accuracy and checking for any errors or missing information.

Stage 2: Police National Computer Check
The applicant’s details are compared against the Police National Computer (PNC) to identify any relevant criminal records.

Stage 3: Children and/or Adult Barred List Check
The applicant’s name is checked against the Children’s and/or Adults’ Barred List, to determine whether the applicant is barred from working with vulnerable groups.

Stage 4: Local Police Records Check
Local police records are examined to uncover any additional information that may impact the DBS decision.

Stage 5: DBS Certificate Printing and Delivery

This final stage involves the printing of the DBS certificate, which will then be sent directly to the applicant.

Stage 5, “DBS Certificate Printed in progress”, is the final step before you receive your DBS certificate. 

The different levels of DBS check (Basic, Standard, and Enhanced) all go through different stages – the table below illustrates which specifically your check needs to complete:

DBS certificate printed in progress

Summary: DBS Certificate Printed in Progress

The term “DBS certificate printed in progress” signifies that an application has been processed, and the certificate is being prepared.

DBS certificates are vital tools in safeguarding vulnerable individuals, complying with legal requirements, mitigating risks, and creating safer environments. By prioritising the screening process, organisations help to contribute to the welfare and protection of vulnerable individuals while building trust and maintaining their reputation. The DBS certificate is proof that a check has been completed.

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DBS Certificate Printed in Progress: Further Reading

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